5 Essential Pre-Construction Services For Construction Projects

5 Essential Pre-Construction Services For Construction Projects

The construction of a commercial building is a complex undertaking, which requires extensive planning and preparation. This initial phase is called pre-construction, and it consists of various activities, such as defining the scope of work, value-engineering budgets and estimating, cost analysis reports to achieve an ROI, finalizing finishes, material lead-times, construction schedule, and finding discrepancies in the design plans. It could be highly cumbersome for construction managers to handle pre-construction by themselves. Therefore, they often seek help from construction companies specializing in this area.

Streamline Builders, serving clients in Los Angeles and several other locations across California, specializes in pre-construction services.

The following are some critical pre-construction services that are necessary for all new construction or renovation projects.

Assessment of Existing Conditions

Construction projects often comprise of renovations or additions to an existing structure. With pre-existing conditions, the design and structural integrity need to be assessed to determine if a complete replacement is necessary, significant renovations are required, or minimal changes will suffice. Many factors and systems, including the direction, load calculations, material strength, roof junctures, piping, etc., need to be integrated seamlessly.

Design Feasibility Analysis

Design is a critical component of the construction process, which requires keen oversight and a critical eye to prevent potential flaws. What looks good on paper or in a computer simulation might not translate well into reality when fully constructed. Constructability analysis reduces these risks by identifying potential issues before they happen, so you don’t have cost overruns later down the road. One problem leads to another, making things more complicated than anticipated.

Cost Estimation

It is essential to prepare accurate cost estimates to complete large-scale construction projects. The process of determining the cost for a project requires in-depth experience and skills. An estimator not only needs to be knowledgeable about materials and labor costs but should also have expertise regarding permits, subcontractors, equipment, and rental fees, among other factors that can affect the final price tag of a project.

Scheduling and Logistics

Developing and coordinating a construction schedule is no easy task. Hundreds of logistical considerations and regulatory requirements must be factored in, including cost estimation, meetings, regulations, permits, deliveries, storage, subcontractors, etc. Every detail must be considered before starting work on any new project to plan and complete all milestones efficiently and in a timely manner.

Materials Procurement

It is essential to understand the market and opt for the best suppliers to obtain all the needed materials for a commercial project. To purchase the required material and equipment at the most cost-effective prices, you need to know the market intimately.

An important aspect of materials procurement is considering the items that have an extended lead time. One way to avoid delays during construction is by planning for long lead items. These goods take a while to deliver but must be purchased early in the project so that material shortages do not cause any setbacks.

If you plan to begin construction on a largescale project – such as multifamily housing – in Los Angeles, CA, you may require pre-construction services. Streamline Builders is a professional company with expertise in delivering pre-construction services.

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