Company Overview

Providing you actual costs, up-front, to prevent additional costs during construction

100% Client Retention Rate Since 2010

Our Mission

Is to deliver your projects On-Time and In-Budget, Every Time.

The Streamline Difference – Arete!

Our systems are designed to provide recurring processes that achieve a predictable ROI.

  1. Identifying Value from the Owner’s Point of View allows us to recognize why the project is being funded and what the exit strategy is. It also helps us establish a different level of trust early in the planning phases. From there, we can lay out the necessary processes that will deliver your project on time and in budget.
  2. Defining Your Value Stream begins with providing you Actual Costs, Up-Front in our Bid-Presentation. Our transparent and detailed proposals focus on minimizing additional costs during construction and maximizing your return on investment. It also allows us to Value-Engineer your project to achieve your budget.
  3. Continuous Improvement of our processes during construction is our commitment to our partnership with you. Our best practices to implement changes immediately during construction are also paid forward to future projects with you.

Core Values

  1. Resiliency is the foundation of our success. We don’t quit and rise to fight for the common good.
  2. Humility allows us to learn from every experience, free of ego, and with a growth mindset.
  3. Creativity fosters our ability to solve your most challenging problems with a positive attitude.
  4. Team reverence for one another is our culture, which transcends into our partnerships with you.
  5. Transparency of our pricing, issues, and solutions is how we’ve earned our partnerships since 2010.

Our Architect and Design Partners