Streamline Attended the Incredible Leadership Course at Echelon Front in Chicago

By Christos Klapsis. May 31st, 2019

I recently attended the Leadership Conference in Chicago, along with my two lead team managers. The program is based on the book  Extreme Ownership written by retired Navy Seals Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. It was the most empowering experience of our lives.

The event provided us the tools to Lead and Win for our clients and the company. Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership are the books and principles Streamline Builders  company philosophy and Brand Promise stems from.



Myself and my two employees, Steve Summers in black and Greg Mackesy in red, were photographed with Jocko Willink (far left) and Leif Babin (far right). Both served in The Battle of Ramadi, Iraq in 2006 and turned it all around to a safe zone.

Decorated, combat-proven Veterans with experience in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams. Our mission at Echelon Front is to help you build your own high-performance team and win

The Echelon Front Team: (From Left to Right) Navy Seals Flynn Cochran, JP Dinnell, Jocko Willink, Debbie Lee, Leif Babin, Mike Sarraille, Dave Berke.

Echelon Front Leadership team

Here our team is with JP Dinnell:



Echelon Front’s decorated, combat-proven Veterans have experience in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams. If you are looking to join a winning construction team, please checkout our Careers page.

Each morning of the event at 4:30 am, all the participants were lucky enough to “train” or basically workout with Navy Seals outdoors in Chicago. It was so incredible.

Navy Seal workout

In the photo with Mike Sarraille

Streamline Team of Leaders

Photo meeting with Jocko Willink

In this photo I’m with legendary BJJ artist, Dean Lister

Dean Lister Brazilian JJ

We also did a little sight seeing and ate Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza!

About Echelon Front

Echelon Front is a two-day, intensive leadership training course, designed to equip attendees with the tools needed to build high performance, winning teams. Jocko Willink, Leif Babin, and the Echelon Front Team teach combat leadership techniques and how to apply these principles in business and life. Even more profound are the opportunities to engage with other highly motivated individuals and leaders in EVERY capacity.

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