Delivering Quality Against All Odds: Streamline Builder’s Large-Scale Multifamily Renovation In Silicone Beach Impresses

Delivering Quality Against All Odds: Streamline Builder’s Large-Scale Multifamily Renovation In Silicone Beach Impresses

When it comes to construction within the multifamily housing sector, each project comes with its’ own unique set of challenges. While Streamline Builders and many other California-based contractors work diligently to mitigate construction risks, no one could have predicted a pandemic and the devastation that COVID-19 would impart amongst the construction community regionally and world-wide. In most cases, delivering a quality remodel or renovation in 2020 was far easier said than done for most contractors.

Streamline Builders has a rich history in delivering upon their promises; however, they intentionally chose to face the pandemonium head-on. Their most notable project was an 11-month, $12 million renovation in Playa Vista for Clarion Partners, completed in late 2020.

The repositioning of the property included a complete and total renovation of 202 units and all of the common areas including the exterior. It was an enormous undertaking. Pre-construction planning and initial construction phases commenced in early 2020 prior to any significant U.S. based COVID-19 concerns. With a strong resolve to complete the project on time and in budget, Streamline Builders charged forward through adversity. They often made decisions on-the-fly to oblige with and navigate strict CDC/LADBS and COVID-19 safety guidelines enforced throughout the duration of the project.

Project Scope

With occupancy attrition being an issue for many multifamily properties in the L.A. area, property owners are continually looking for ways to attract and retain tenants. Clarion Partners approached Streamline Builders in late 2019 to create an updated look and feel for their Crescent Park Apartments property in Playa Vista, with the end goal of leading the multifamily sector in Silicone Beach with the latest technologically green-conscious property while piquing potential new tenants’ interest.

Clarion Partners plans to rename the property “The Reveal,” tasking Streamline Builders with implementing massive renovations of the structure to create a residence genuinely fit for a grand “reveal.” Focused improvements included:

  • Exterior Façade – Update the face of building street side and new painting of the entire property
  • Leasing Office – Complete gut and renovation
  • Lobby – Complete gut and renovation
  • Library – Complete gut and renovation
  • Co-Working Space – Complete gut and renovation
  • Club House – Complete gut and renovation
  • 4-Conference Rooms – Complete gut and renovation
  • Fitness Center – Complete gut and renovation
  • Roof Deck – Newly renovated roof deck with amenities
  • Pool Deck – Build a new pool and spa, deck stone, lighting, BBQ, metal paneling, cabanas, etc.
  • Corridors (on all 4-floors) – New lighting, Lutron System, chair-rail, baseboards, flooring, tiling, paint, and sconces.
  • New low voltage, tv’s, stereo, cameras
  • Utilization of Procore construction management software to assist in managing our projects ensures we deliver on-time and in-budget. The software benefits Construction Managers, Clients, Asset Managers, and Property Managers.

In total, there were over 70,000 square feet of common area renovated. Deliverables also included completing 20 renovated units per month. Updates to those units included all new kitchen and restroom cabinetry, countertops, rewiring, lighting, framing, plumbing, tile, flooring, and paint. Additional unit upgrades consisted of a wine fridge and the installation of new fixtures and appliances. 

Construction Hurdles

Embarking on a massive renovation like the Crescent Park Apartment project amidst the chaos of a pandemic forced Streamline Builders to face unusual construction hurdles never addressed during the 6-month pre-construction planning phase.

The most significant hurdles focused on Streamline Builder’s 20 employees managing 40-60 subcontractor employees while maintaining and adhering to the latest and everchanging CDC/LADBS COVID-19 guidelines. These measures were enforced half-way through the project when COVID-19 outbreaks started gaining national attention.

With COVID-sensitive residents occupying the property throughout the entire renovation process, taking every precaution to ensure residents’ health and safety was critical. A significant accomplishment for the Crescent Park Apartment renovation was the fact there were ZERO COVID-19 cases and ZERO injuries among Streamline Builders employees or subcontractors throughout the project’s entirety. This was an impressive feat for all involved.

Another industry challenge that wasn’t necessarily specific to the Crescent Park Apartment renovation but certainly impacted the crews were the numerous material delays due to COVID-19 factory shutdowns and reduced labor forces. Committed to completing every stage of the project on time, Streamline Builders effectively navigated material availability issues and cost increases due to shifting product selections. The result was a project delivered on budget and 1-month ahead of schedule.

Strategic Partners

Six months of pre-construction planning set the stage for success on the Crescent Park Apartment project. Christos Klapsis, President of Streamline Builders, notes, “Pre-construction planning was imperative for the success of this project. From the start, we worked with Clarion Partners to value-engineer the drawings to achieve an operating budget, create a phasing plan to accommodate the residents, address ADA and Code Enforcement concerns, and forecast any potential issues with MEP’s to fully integrate a final spec package and an overall objective to streamline the project. With all the additional restrictions and requirements implemented during the project due to COVID-19; it was our pre-construction planning that saved this project.”

Streamline Builders didn’t just fine-tune the major details of the project. Their pre-construction focus also included finalizing all the appliances, finishes, flooring, windows, water heater, washers, dryers, and more.

Throughout the pre-construction planning phase, working collaboratively with Clarion Partners set the bar for communication expectations with all other stakeholders on the Crescent Park Apartment Project. Those strategic partners included:

  • Consulting Team for the project – YBR (Yellow Brick Road), Drew Colquitt, Marc Chasman, and Dustin Smith
  • Clarion Partners, Scott Doucette
  • Property Managed by Alliance/Greystar, Patrick Strong
  • Design Team for all Interior work: Hendy, Felicia Hyde
  • Architect for Exterior work: TCA, Beverly Christiansen
  • Landscape Architect for New Pool & Spa: MJS-LA Architects, Dan Delle
  • Structural Engineer: VCA Structural, Thomas Smith
  • Construction Management Team: Fulcrum, Thad Schatz

As premium builders and trusted collaborators, Streamline Builder’s focus is to make each stakeholder part of the process. They set and manage expectations while creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience focused on trust, inclusion, transparency, and constant communication throughout the project.

Patrick Strong, Business Manager for Alliance Residential, offers his thoughts on the working relationship with Streamline Builders:

“Going through a large-scale renovation in an occupied apartment community is a daunting task. As a Property Manager, communication between the construction team and myself is of the utmost importance. Not only did Streamline communicate with me daily during our $12 million renovation, they also listened and appreciated my input as it related to our current residents. By having this open form of communication, we were able to form a team environment and overcome obstacles together in relation to the logistics of the building. We are extremely excited to have our new spaces delivered to our residents, on time and on budget. 

With any renovation project in the future, Streamline is our first call!”

Unique Features

While Streamline Builders is well-versed in seismic retrofitting and other structural components of property renovation, it was the addition of several high-tech and sustainable features that make the Crescent Park Apartments renovation so prestigious.

Streamline Builders embellished each luxurious unit with Italian cabinetry, new countertops, and tile throughout the kitchens and washrooms. Additional features include back-lit mirrors with anti-fog sensors, tech-savvy appliances, high-end plumbing and lighting fixtures, along with smart-lock technology door locks.

As part of the global green reset, Streamline Builders incorporated the Lutron smart technology system into the renovation. Every common area and corridor throughout the 4-floors of the apartment were installed with an environmentally eco-friendly lighting and climate control system.

Sensors throughout the entire property guide the Lutron smart system. Those sensors monitor changes in ambient lighting throughout the day (and night) and adjust lighting accordingly. The Lutron system also works with the HVAC system to monitor the indoor temperature at multiple locations throughout the property.

While the concept of smart, eco-friendly technology is not new, it was a unique addition to this project. Traditionally, smart systems are not installed in older structures because the rewiring to install is a significant undertaking from a labor and cost standpoint.

The benefits of installing the Lutron system were too great to overlook, however. Along with the day-to-day cost savings associated with HVAC and lighting optimization, installing the green eco-friendly system creates an enormous tax incentive with the city of Los Angeles.

Project Summary and Next Steps

In a tumultuous year of unexpected challenges, Streamline Builders received their Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for the Crescent Park Apartment renovation 1-month ahead of schedule.

While the team at Streamline Builders is humble enough not to take all the credit for the massive success of the renovation, their commitment to delivering a quality product was a driving force behind every stakeholder’s success on this renovation. The Crescent Park Apartment renovation truly is a trophy project.

Streamline Builder’s unwavering dedication to trusting their team to own each phase of the project, their transparency in discussing stakeholder’s concerns, and their desire to include each stakeholder in every step of the process is what made this project an impressive feat.

As Streamline Builders looks to the future, they are committed to being LA’s premier multifamily contractor for decades to come. In fact, they have retained 100% of their clientele during the last 10-years. With a strong focus on growing its internal infrastructure, the team is optimistic about its future. They will continue to take an authentic approach to construction, providing a unique and positive experience for multifamily housing community managers in a market traditionally saturated by much larger construction entities.

If you’re looking for a premium builder and trusted collaborators that deliver exceptional quality, beautification, and an excellent return on your investment, look no further than Streamline Builders. Since 2010, they have been proudly serving Southern California, from Orange County to Ventura County.