Did You know A Pre-Construction Plan Can Save You Thousands In Construction Costs?

Did You know A Pre-Construction Plan Can Save You Thousands In Construction Costs?

Construction is a complex process. It takes detailed planning to achieve your project’s design vision on time and within the allocated budget. A pre-construction plan is necessary to understand the full scope of the project and its requirements. The pre-construction planning process usually involves checking the feasibility of the project, identifying any potential issues that may arise, defining the project scope, site planning, determining time and cost requirements, and project scheduling.

Pre-construction planning is crucial to any Streamline Builders project in North Hollywood, as is for our leading real-estate clients like Avalon Bay Communities. Investing in a pre-construction plan will help you achieve the following benefits, which can help you save thousands in construction costs.

1. Confirm Viability of the Project:

Pre-construction plans provide a detailed analysis based on the project scope, site constraints, and similar other factors. This feasibility study determines whether the project is actually viable. Even if it is a good idea, the project may not be sustainable. Better to find this out earlier rather than sinking money into the construction later!

2. Defining a Clear Vision:

You may have the project’s vision in your mind, but it needs to be clearly understood for all those involved in the project. The pre-construction plan defines this vision and can even help others contribute towards it with alternative ideas. When all are on the same page, the expectations are also clear.

3. Help in Allocating Funds:

A pre-construction plan provides an accurate budget. The budget helps investors to plan and secure the funds required for the successful completion of the project. Identifying shortages in funds in the early stages helps to make any necessary adjustments and changes without wasting time and resources.

4. Helps in Pre-empting Problems:

The pre-construction planning process helps to alleviate problems, like re-work and the added costs, that can arise in the future by addressing the following essential elements:

  • Permit requirements
  • Site evaluation
  • Requirement and selection of building material and equipment
  • Scheduling obstacles

5. Provides Financial Benefits:

You can save valuable time and money by doing a detailed financial analysis in your pre-construction process. Identifying problems during this financial analysis can help you save a lot of money and maximize your profits. This financial analysis is also the perfect time to identify any value engineering opportunities. These can cut costs while the project is in progress.

Even though pre-construction planning is not a new concept in the real estate industry, many property owners ignore the importance of hiring a pre-construction planning services company. Once you understand the benefits described above, you should ensure to invest in a pre-construction plan before embarking on your project. As a premier construction contracting company that has worked on numerous commercial and residential projects in North Hollywood, Streamline Builders understands the value of a pre-construction plan. Contact us today and find out how we can maximize your return on investment!