Using Drones To Film Our California Construction Sites

Streamline uses drones to conduct site surveys, inspect otherwise inaccessible areas, monitor progress, identify potential deficiencies, and also allow us to create amazing videos to showcase our beautiful completed work.

Glide Aerials, a low-altitude cinematography production company, films our videos with unmanned aircraft/drones. As commercial drone operators, with a remote pilot certificate, they are familiar with FAA restrictions that apply to construction sites.

FAA rules on a construction site prohibit a drone from being flown:

  • outside of the operator’s visual line of sight
  • when visibility is less than three miles
  • less than 500 feet below a cloud or within 2,000 feet horizontally from a cloud
  • at night
  • directly over people not directly participating in the drone’s operation
  • higher than 400 feet above either ground level or a structure, whichever is higher
  • without permission in controlled airspace.

When it is impractical to use drones:

  • to inspect an inaccessible area from a vantage point that is also beyond the operator’s line of sight may limit us using a drone.
  • using a drone runs the risk that it will be flown above people working on the site, even if they are wearing hardhats, the FAA regulations make no exceptions.
  • nighttime construction
  • if the site is situated below or near restricted airspace, such as airports or other sensitive areas.
  • In inclement weather or low cloud cover, drone operations may be grounded, even though the construction site itself is unaffected and visible to the drone pilot.

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