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Over the years, we have forged partnerships with the most prominent leaders in the property management and asset management industry, who are serving global institutions in the housing market across the country.

Our reputation has been built on our fierce loyalty to our clientele. Every decision we make is to protect your best interest throughout the process and provide an exceptional experience that ensures a solid return on your investment. When you award us a project, we are all in! Immediately, we stand as your advocate and assist you in value engineering, phasing the work, solve design and structural concerns, address city code and ADA compliance, provide cost analysis and comparisons and ultimately join you in the endeavor as Your Partner. Our primary focus is to build a long-term relationship with you and see to it that you are looked after during the entire process.

We believe our success is a clear reflection of the company culture we continue to cultivate at Streamline. Our company philosophy and operating procedures are based on Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and The EMyth by Michael Gerber. Together, these business mentorships have enabled us to breed leaders up and down the chain of command and implement proprietary systems designed to establish continuity in everyone’s mindset and business practices. All of our employees are hired on their values and are offered the opportunity to continue their education while growing as an individual among our team culture. In turn, we have bred a team of high-performance leaders who eagerly want to win on your behalf. As a company, we are driven to challenge the status quo in construction and strive to provide a process that allows you the freedom to creatively generate a strong return on your investment.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you and lead your projects to victory!

“We strongly believe that our mission is to develop and cultivate relationships. There are many general contracting firms who can provide a great product, but what separates us from the rest is Our Process. We focus on providing a transparent, mutually beneficial process that allows us to partner with you to not only deliver a great product but a great experience. We stand for You, the Client, and lead the process with your best interest every step of the way. The results, are a byproduct of our growing relationship.”

Christos Klapsis


President & Founder

Christos established Streamline Builders, Inc. with the primary goal to build and solidify partnerships with his clientele.

Christos is a first-generation Greek American, who grew up on the jobsite with his father, a masonry contractor, where he started out as a laborer and earned his way to upper management. After attending Rowan University for two-years, Christos was forced to leave school due to an injury while playing football for this Division 3 National Championship team. From there, Christos shined as a stockbroker, where he worked for Stratton Oakmont and managed IPOs onto the NASDAQ. Years later, Christos moved to Los Angeles and found a yearning to build in construction again. This time instead of building IPOs, he jumped back into what he knew best, building relationships.

Christos brings more than 15 years of specialized financial and construction management experience and an undeniable drive to build partnerships based on trust.

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