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CA Builders License # B-945745

Streamline Builders, Inc., is a Los Angeles based general contracting and construction management firm.

Company President, Christos Klapsis, founded the company in 2010 and quickly built a reputation for innovative and excellent craftsmanship. He contributes the success to providing a transparent process and solidifying relationships based on trust.

Over the years, Streamline has built loyal relationships with the most prominent leaders in the property management industry who are serving global institutions in the housing market across the country.

Streamline’s reputation has been built on transparency, authenticity, and principles that guide their every decision on your behalf. When you award Streamline the project, they are all in! They immediately stand as your advocate to assist you in value engineering your project, work to solve design and structural issues, address city code and ADA compliance concerns, provide cost analysis and comparisons and ultimately join you in the endeavor as Your Partner.

Streamline believes their company culture is why they have earned the trust of so many prominent leaders in the industry. Their company philosophy is based on principles founded in Character Ethics and Extreme Ownership. They also believe in order to grow a successful company, there must be continuity in both their professional and personal lives. This is why every employee’s training begins with and is based on character development. This is to ensure each and every employee will lead your mission with ferocious loyalty and ownership. In turn, this breeds a high-performance, highly-motivated, transparent team of authentic individuals who want to win on your behalf and continue to grow professionally and personally through the process.

Streamline would like to thank you for the opportunity to continue working with you and lead your projects to victory!

We strongly believe that our mission is to develop and cultivate our relationships. There are many general contracting firms who can provide a great product, but what separates us from the rest is, The Process. We focus on providing transparent, mutually beneficial process that allows us to partner with you and not only deliver a great product but a great experience. We are sincerely here for You, the Client, and lead the process with your best interest every step of the way. The results are a byproduct of our growing relationship.

Christos Klapsis

President, Streamline Builders, Inc.

President & Founder

Christos Klapsis established Streamline Builders, Inc., a high-performance, general contracting and construction management firm with the primary goal to provide his clientele with exceptional service, and innovative craftsmanship while building or remodeling their multi-family residence or commercial space.

Christos is a first generation Greek-American, whose father and mother met in New Jersey after immigrating to the United States during the 1960’s. As a young man, Christos grew up on the job-site with his father, a masonry contractor.  The smell of concrete and coffee was the start of every morning while the long hours of hard  work and determination forged an incredibly strong sense of discipline and drive that are the cornerstones of where his heart lies today.

Christos now brings more than 14 years of specialized management experience, financial discipline and an undeniable drive to succeed. He is supported by a staff of high-performance managers and tradesmen, all of whom strive to deliver an exceptionally empowering process to their clientele during the pre-planning, management and construction phases, and with whom Streamline has forged loyal relationships and repeat business with for over 10-years.




Adrian Koffka and Cynthia Phakos of Koffka/Phakos Design
Jonathan Barnett of Jonathan Barnett Interiors
Maryanne Hibner of Hibner Design Group
Marie Edelstein of Designwest, Inc.
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Sarah Walker of Sarah Walker Design Associates

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