How To Budget And Plan Your Upcoming Student Housing Renovation

How To Budget And Plan Your Upcoming Student Housing Renovation

Student housing renovation requires careful planning and consideration of the renovation scope to allocate an adequate budget. The renovation budget can be broken into three main areas: site work, construction, and interior renovations. Site work includes any demolition or removal of existing structures that are not part of the renovation project. Construction encompasses all labor and materials necessary to construct new components for student housing units and those needed to modify existing buildings such as kitchens and bathrooms. Interior renovations include tasks like painting walls, installing flooring, changing lighting fixtures, etc.

This post aims to guide contractors or property owners towards better understanding how they should plan for their upcoming student housing renovation by discussing what goes into it from start to finish to ensure adequate budget allocation.

Student housing renovation is a significant investment and should be planned accordingly. Planning should account for operational issues that might arise during the renovation process and ongoing maintenance costs after the renovation has been completed.

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Let’s discuss the primary components of a renovation project.


Sitework is the term used to describe all of the earthwork required before and during a renovation. It typically includes grading, excavation, drainage construction/improvements, and foundation work for new structures or additions onsite.

The earth-moving and construction-related activities required during renovation depend on the existing buildings’ size, type, and location. A renovation may involve grading for a new parking lot or excavation to create an underground garage. It could also necessitate the removal and replacement of utilities to prevent interference with building foundation walls.


Construction for student housing renovation is a major undertaking. The construction team must be knowledgeable and experienced with both renovation projects and student housing facilities. These are projects are typically large-scale renovations and are performed during the summer when occupancy is low. It also requires careful planning, such as design drawings, permits, zoning, etc.

Student housing renovation requires comprehensive planning; for example, many renovation projects include a plan for transferring the utilities during construction so that residents do not experience any interruptions in their service. This can be achieved by running new lines or conduits from the current infrastructure.

Interior Renovations

Student housing renovations and maintenance are essential to the day-to-day lives of students. Renovations can sometimes be disruptive, but they are necessary when student populations increase over time. The renovation process should be completed in phases while housing is still occupied. This will minimize any disruptions of student life and also reduce the risks associated with construction work.

The following are some essential interior renovations activities for student housing:

  • Updating all plumbing, including water lines, gas supply pipes, and waste systems
  • Adding new fixtures and appliances
  • Replacing damaged flooring
  • Upgrading the electrical system according to the current safety codes
  • Installing or replacing windows with energy-efficient glass
  • Adding weather stripping around doors.

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