Communication between our project managers and clients is important so that we address all of the client’s needs and expectations from the earliest stages of development through to completion. Collaboration and respect is extremely important in all of our partnerships.

Planning is key to a solid foundation for all projects. Working as a team, our in-house drafting and architectural designers, structural engineers, project managers, and high-performance construction managers carefully research and plan from our comprehensive checklist to ensure a successful project.

  • Constructability / Design Review and Evaluation. During the design phase, the architect and consultants analyze alternate construction systems and materials as well as make recommendations with respect to costs, possible economies, construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, and time requirements for installation.
  • Staging & Phasing Strategies. During this phase we create detailed strategies to accommodate the day-to-day construction operations such as excavation, shoring, construction staging, on-site material storage, construction traffic, and labor strategies.
  • Project Schedule Preparation & Maintenance. We prepare and maintain a comprehensive project schedule that covers key actions for the design and construction phases so that the project stays on schedule. We update the schedule regularly as the project progresses, and also manage the cash flow.
  • Cost estimating and budget preparation our goal is to stay competitive in our pricing, you can rest assured that we value quality, are highly ethical, and fully committed to achieving all of the client’s expectations within your budget.
  • Construction Cost Estimates. We prepare detailed construction cost estimates at schematic design phase, design development phase and at 50% construction documents phase. Cost estimates are submitted to and reviewed with the business owner and architect.
  • Value Engineering Analysis. We conduct a value engineering analysis of building systems and components at each updated cost estimate based on Owner’s project requirements and priorities.
  • Subcontractor bids – only qualified subcontractors are selected for bid lists. We take into consideration their past performances, along with financial status, insurance and bonding capabilities. We obtain bids for each sub-trade for the review and approval of the business owner.

Construction Management


Construction Project Management (CM) is a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end. The purpose of CM is to control a project’s time, cost and quality.

Streamline’s construction management services are tailored to each client’s specific project need, providing overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. We aim to exceed each client’s requirements, completed projects on time, within authorized cost, and to the required quality standards.

Our team collaborates with our client’s staff to contribute specialized knowledge in pre-planning, design, construction, engineering, and management expertise. We customize our services and systems to assure that our clients are receiving the most up-to-date project information and the best possible project outcome.



As premier builders, our job is to make our client’s vision a reality and deliver solutions tailored to the challenges and opportunities of each project. Our goal is to get every detail of your building project right. Each project has its own unique constraints of site, traffic, timeline, budget, design specifications, plus any special needs such as the detailed requirements for LEED® certification.

General contracting services include but are not limited to:

  • On-Site Staffing Supervision and Support: supervision on-site, from commencement of the project until completion to properly execute the work within the established schedule.
  • Field Meetings & Supervision: Project manager and onsite staff participate in weekly job progress and construction meeting prior to, during and after construction.
  • Address any onsite issues, if needed. Our team holds weekly subcontractor meetings to resolve questions or discrepancies. Evaluate/negotiate potential changes and offer problem solving, quality management and procurement strategies.
  • Project “Constructability”: We ensure that all drawings and details are appropriate and buildable, that all specified materials are available when needed, that information is complete and in the correct format for sub-trade bidding.
  • Documentation. The procurement and construction phases of the project require consistent attention and timely documentation. Construction documentation consists of: Owner Meeting Minutes, Safety/Daily Reports, Submittals, Project Status Reports, RFI Logs, COR Logs, Cost Control, Material Delivery Control Logs, Look-Ahead Schedules, Schedule Maintenance, and Punch List.
  • CPM Scheduling. Streamline has an excellent reputation for meeting the aggressive schedules common in construction. We use a software to help us comprehensively plan and coordinate the multiple tasks and responsibilities inherent in each project. Transaction audit flow for reporting to tax and asset management reporting requirements.
  • Long Lead Equipment and Materials: Pre-purchase material or equipment as required by lead-time or availability.
  • Safety Compliance. Our staff manages safety compliance. Jobsites are carefully monitored by OSHA trained field superintendents and project managers to ensure that safety rules and regulations are followed by employees and subcontractors at all times. Provide monthly safety reports from an independent safety inspector.
  • Cost-Construction Services. Our team manages the project close-out. We prepare closeout schedules and contracts as well as coordinate compilation of as-builts, owner’s manuals, owner FF & E and warranties as well as assure warranty compliance. We initiate systems testing and manage final inspections.

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