Capex - Capital Projects

Upgrades, modifications and renovations of multifamily buildings are not minor projects. They may involve modifications to the interior and exterior of a property, constructing an entirely new building with multiple floors, or adding on to a pre-existing structure to expand the available space for new amenities, retail, etc.

Exterior renovations can include installing a new roof or roof maintenance, building a roof-deck amenity, build out of a new playground, replace existing windows, renovation of the pool-deck, and building façade upgrades. Interior capex-renovations often include remodels of the leasing offices, clubhouses, fitness centers, corridor renovations, and all common areas throughout the property.

Building upgrades and modifications may include upgrading all common area lighting to Title 24 with an energy-efficient lighting and timing system, rehabs of existing walkways, adding new washers and dryers on the property, waterproofing of foundations and planters, and new landscape designs with drip irrigation and water tolerant plants.

Streamline Builders specializes in renovations & upgrades of leasing offices, lobbies, clubhouses, mailrooms, etc. We perform various services, including exterior building modifications, interior and exterior corridors, re-roofs, roof decks, rehab of catwalks, walkways, balconies, pool decks, and coatings, window replacements, waterproofing, playgrounds, the addition of washers & dryers, exterior/interior painting, and more.

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