Design & Build

Are you looking for an easy way to cut down on project delivery time and costs without sacrificing quality? Design-build is the answer.

In this arrangement, we work together with our designers from day one – united as a team in every aspect of your project.

Our design and build team has a deep understanding of building techniques and construction expertise. This includes knowledge about the design process itself and how to translate these designs into plans for our in-house builders.

Streamline Builders boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand materials and regulatory requirements (such as zoning) and construction methods. Our team develops Architectural, MEP, and Structural construction documents, including elevations, reflected ceiling plans, details, finish schedules, ADA, and Title 24 requirements. They will make submissions to the city’s Planning, Green and Fire Departments, and also make any necessary corrections, in order to get the RTI Permit on your behalf.

With our experienced design team and construction staff, the design and build approach pays dividends manifold.

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