Pre-construction services are an essential part of the construction process. They include pre-design, pre-development, and pre-planning services. The pre-construction process is invaluable in determining the approximate cost of a project, and it can also help decrease the overall cost of construction.

This is the point where we initiate our joint-controlled process to minimize and prevent additional costs during construction. We begin by performing our due diligence, including finalizing the measurements, ensuring that the project meets building code and zoning requirements, providing MEP evaluations, completing phasing and logistical planning, providing value-engineering for cost-savings to achieve the targeted budget, finalizing material lead-times, and establishing the construction schedule.

The Streamline Builders team uses this phase to consider all of the potential challenges that may arise during construction. Pre-construction helps us identify and mitigate any possible risks before construction even begins, which helps to ensure that the remaining phases of the project run smoothly.

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