Tips On How To Design-Build Successfully

Tips On How To Design-Build Successfully

The Design-Build approach uses a single team working under one contract to provide both design and construction services for a project. This is unlike traditional projects where designers work separately from the construction team. The Design-Build approach provides a collaborative environment with less conflict. It is a cost-effective solution when planning a renovation project.

At Streamline Builders, we offer design services, develop architectural, structural, and MEP drawings and Title 24 access notes. Our services include submitting the drawings to the city, revisions as per city corrections, and resubmission through RTI (Ready-To-Issue) permitting.

Tips for Successful Design-Build Projects

Build Trust Early

The best design-build teams work collaboratively, trust each other to commit to the project’s interests, and stay on track. These are essential traits for success in this methodology that will have a positive financial impact if executed correctly.

Keep the Information Centralized and Accessible

Keeping a centralized source of information for the projects enables the teams to ensure success and trust between all parties involved. This means that the project data is transferred seamlessly from design planning to the hands of the onsite professionals’ by connecting pre-construction data with building phase designs – allowing them to see how construction progress is coming along in real-time. They can make any necessary adjustments based on feedback or new changes needed, as seen during any field markups.

Ensure Real-time Communication

For design-build projects, it is imperative to communicate effectively and transparently throughout the project. This helps to prevent mistakes and empowers both parties involved in making decisions about how the project will proceed with a greater sense of autonomy.

Benefits of a Design-Build Contract with Streamline Builders, Inc.

1. Cost savings working with Streamline Builders vs. a licensed architect – Our design and drafting rates are innately cost-effective in comparison. These cost savings are significant and worth considering as you can apply these savings to your wish list and really get close to what you want.

2. Cost savings by reducing communication delays – Delays in communication between two firms are inherent in all of construction. This is eliminated when you hire Streamline to manage both aspects of the construction process. Having both the design and construction departments under one roof allows us to communicate effectively to deliver your project on time. Turn around times for solutions are dramatically decreased, benefiting both parties and helping them achieve their goals.

3. Cost savings in managing your budget during construction – When working with Streamline, our pre-construction planning is where together we will define your construction budget and resolve all discrepancies in the design to reach a realistic budget that you are comfortable with. We will not only create the budget with you but will be positioned to better manage any cost overruns, unforeseen issues, and lead times. Working together to create the budget is the most effective way to deliver your project in- budget.

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