Staging a multifamily housing unit attracts potential customers to the property and persuades them to rent. Think of it as taking property from a “lived-in” to a “welcoming, attractive place.” The primary technique used by this method is making improvements in a property to reduce the visible signs of a resident having lived there. This home should be perfect for any customer to imagine themselves living within its wall, after all! 

Renters are more likely to be interested in a home when they can visualize how it would look when occupied. If done correctly, staging can help prospects focus on the unit’s best qualities rather than its drawbacks. Adding art, furniture, plants, and other items in a model unit for multifamily housing can showcase the apartment’s visual aesthetic when a resident moves in!

Seeking help from renovation companies specializing in multifamily remodelings, like Streamline Builders in North Hollywood, is vital for staging your unit.

Given the importance of staging, this blog post shares five tips to stage a multifamily housing unit:

1. Determine your target renter

Understanding the target renter who seeks out your location can attract them depending on the community. For example, some communities might be family-oriented while others might accommodate young professionals. Staging your unit based on a renter’s lifestyle preferences will help pique their interest enough to sign a lease quickly.

2. Highlight the most appealing features

When staging a unit for sale or rental, think of all the best aspects and areas to highlight, i.e., include bathrooms with large showers or spacious closets in the kitchen, an expansive living room, walk-in closets, etc. The view from the window is also a great feature to highlight! When you identify these features, emphasize them in your staging design to show potential buyers why they should rent your unit over others on the market.

3. Remove all unnecessary elements 

Do not clutter the space with unnecessary items or elicit any discomfort towards potential prospects. Most of all, avoid personal pictures on walls and religious objects/items. While important and meaningful, the main focus of the unit should be on the space itself.

4. Use accessories strategically 

Furnish units that are neutral and can accommodate the aesthetic design of others. If you prefer not to hire a professional designer, choose easily compatible items. Think of accents like plants or accessories to complement a unit’s location. For example, if your property is in Arizona, why not use cactus?

5. Keep everything pristine 

The property should be in tip-top shape before the staging process. Repair all scratches and holes, fix broken doors and ensure light fixtures are working correctly to ensure potential buyers can see your home at its best without distractions or issues.

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