Company Overview

Providing you actual costs, up-front, to prevent additional costs during construction

100% Client Retention Rate Since 2010

Our Mission

Is to deliver your projects On-Time and In-Budget, Every Time.

The Streamline Difference – Arete!

Years in the industry has taught us that all our clients are experiencing similar issues dealing with contractors. We’ve learned that most of their frustrations stem from the following three-issues:

  • Additional costs during construction, due to an old industry practice to bid low and win the job.
  • Contractors not doing what they say they’re going to do, forcing you to handle the problem yourself.
  • A lack of communication throughout the construction process, leaving you vulnerable to delays.

Well, we listened and at Streamline Builders we’ve developed the following solutions:

1. Up-front, Actual Costs: we believe it is our fiduciary responsibility to provide you with up-front, actual costs of what it will take to build your project. We do so by interpreting and pricing the incomplete information on your plans. This additional information allows you to make informative decisions to value-engineer your budget down or reallocate your funds elsewhere to ensure they will render a positive return on investment. See our Bid-Presentation Binder for your next project.

2. Pain-Point Process: allows us to quickly identify and creatively solve your problems as they arise, allowing you to do what you do best…get more deals! Our team-oriented customer service surges during construction to ensure you and your organization are not bothered with day-to-day issues.

3. Proactive Communication: the exchange of information is the single most important key to success. We proactively communicate with the latest technology keeping you informed of all changes, solutions, and victories. Differences that positively impact your return on investment.

Core Values

Humility – allows us to learn from every experience, free of ego, and with a growth mindset.

Resiliency – is the foundation of our success. We don’t quit and rise to fight for the common good.

Teamship – reverence for one another as a team is our nature as it also transcends into our partnerships.

Creativity – fosters our ability to solve your most challenging problems with a positive attitude.

Team – reverence for one another as a team is our nature, which transcends into our partnerships with you.

Extreme-Ownership – we look at ourselves first, assess our part, find a solution, and win on your behalf

Core Vision

Building 1 Community. Our entire Team operates knowing their why. We are proud of the positive impact we’ve made to those who work in our company, to those living in the communities we revitalize, and to you, your organizations, and investors. In the end, the ROI is realized by all parties involved, directly and indirectly as 1 Community. For that, we thank you!

Streamline Guarantee

We promise to bridge the gap from pre-development to achieving an ROI…Arete!

Christos founded the company in 2010, leveraging technology to increase communication and provide a Joint-Controlled Process which includes you in the day-to-day operations to ensure no stones are left unturned. Christos, a first-generation Greek American, began his career working for his father Nikitas Klapsis’ General Contracting Company, where he started as a laborer in his teens. From there, Christos quickly moved into a leadership position and now heads a loyal team of project managers and engineers, superintendents, laborers, and custom craftsmen to deliver your projects on time and in budget, every time!

“Growing up with immigrant parents who worked and achieved the American dream, was a blessing, says, Christos. The values that were instilled in me on the job site at a young age, lead to every decision in my life. Every decision I make personally and professionally is founded in the roots of my culture, which are now the roots of my company culture as well. This is the protection I guaranty Streamline Builders has to offer you that most other companies simply can’t”.

Meet Our Team


Christos began his construction career as a teenager working with his father, a concrete contractor in Bergen County, NJ. Christos started as a laborer and moved his way up into management over the years, where he led teams of onsite workers to achieve their milestones. He quickly moved into offsite planning where he worked directly with clients, architects and engineers to pre-plan projects and logistics and eventually moved into managing the financials. With over 25 years of experience, Christos prides his success on processes, systems and transparency. His entire team, up and down the chain of command, is built of leaders who translate the same narrative and integrity to every project and through every conversation. Christos is most proud of the company’s ability to deliver his projects on-time and in-budget with a level of service that is repeated over and over again and believes his success all depends on achieving your success!


Steve is a 30 year + construction veteran with a diverse background of on and offsite construction. Steve began his construction career in The Carpenters Union working his way up through the ranks as journeyman carpenter, foreman and estimator. After a logical transition in his career into development and general contracting, Steve has built & managed several multifamily developments and commercial projects throughout Southern California and Southern Nevada. Steve currently holds the position of Vice President of Streamline Builders, Inc, where he manages the construction department and overseeing the estimating.

Tavo Najera, General Superintendent

Tavo Najera is a USAF Veteran.  After serving our country, he began his construction career in the tilt-up concrete industry.  Tavo brings over 30 years of construction experience in various areas ranging from structural concrete, ground-up construction, structural strengthening and enlargement, tenant improvement, multifamily and residential.  Tavo’s strengths are taking on challenging projects and developing solutions as issues arise.  He prides himself on mentoring and building the team which is very important to his overall leadership. 

Tavo currently holds the position of General Superintendent, where he manages field operations of in-house field staff and subcontractors.

Rene Guevara, General Foreman

Rene brings more than 20 years of field experience and is Streamline’s lead foreman onsite. Rene specializes in managing employees in the field to achieve their deadlines and milestones with our company culture of Extreme Ownership. Rene’s ability to keep the work moving, assist his team as needed, work directly with clients and manage expectations is second to none. He has been working with Streamline for over 12 years and is an incredible individual to work for and with.

Hugo Guevara, Asst. General Foreman

Hugo brings more than 20 years of field experience and is also Streamline’s lead foreman onsite. He has worked with Streamline for over 12 years and leads our teams of employees and subcontractors with Extreme Ownership and an incredible sense of Team. Hugo started his career as a laborer and quickly moved up into a leadership position as his ability to manage expectations and lead people started to shine. He is an incredible leader, husband, father, and friend.

Lillian Lee, Project Engineer

Lillian is a graduate of Chapman University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Management) and a minor in Leadership Studies. Her days in construction began in her family’s glass and glazing business! She rose from an estimator, project coordinator, superintendent, then project manager, developing her knowledge and experience from an early age. Lillian has made valuable contributions in the estimating department and we’re excited that she is a part of our team.

Earleen Chrisman, Accounting Manager

Earleen has over 30 years in the accounting field with over 20 years as an Accounting Manager, Controller, or Director. She has worked for Profit and Non-Profit companies as well as small and mid-range General Contracting firms. She has supervised up to 13 accounting personnel with leadership qualities that allow everyone around her to shine. Earleen is responsible for overseeing the project accountants and the overall financial health of the company.

Ana Duenas, Accounting Clerk

Ana has worked for Streamline for 8 years. She began as a general office clerk doing menial duties for the entire staff. She was recently promoted to the position of accounting clerk. She is an integral part of our accounting department. She assists the Accounting Manager in a variety of tasks including, processing invoices from our Subcontractors.

Chris Furhman, IT

Chris Fuhrman started his professional career as a music recording engineer in the early 90’s working on projects for major label record companies. As the music business changed, Chris’s path evolved into becoming an Apple technology expert, serving clients not only in the arts but also in architecture, construction, and the health care field. Chris ‘s IT expertise has now branched into Apple, PC, and Cloud-based systems & networks.

Kyle Lucas Sahagún,
Client Relations

Kyle Lucas Sahagún is Head of Client Relations and Business Development for Streamline Builders. Kyle is key in cultivating new business partnerships and opportunities with institutional Asset Management companies across the United States. Kyle also manages client relations during the construction process to ensure constant contact is available.

Kyle brings 16 years of multifamily real estate operations management working with Asset Managers to oversee $20+M in renovation construction projects over the years. Kyle previously worked for Greystar for almost 10 years before relocating to Mexico. 

As Head of Client Relations and Business Development, Kyle will be your contact for discussing any new projects you would like Streamline to bring to life, as well as your contact during construction to ensure that you are happy with our performance.

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