Streamline Builders, Inc. Builders’ Student Housing Creed

Renovating student housing involves several key considerations to create a comfortable and conducive student living environment. Here are important points to keep in mind when renovating student housing:

Timing & Schedule
-Plan on renovating the units during summer break when they are vacant
-SBI has experience renovating 60 units in 45 days at the Tuscany On Fig, USC

Sustainability & Care
-Prevent water damage by using water-resistant Vinyl Plank Flooring.
-Extend the longevity of furniture by purchasing durable modular furniture that can accommodate varying student’s needs.

Tech Forward Living
-Upgrade internet to 5G and provide ample charging stations throughout the property.
-Create a connected community where all study rooms connect with one another for cross-class study partnerships.

Wellness and Mental Health
-Add oxygen-giving plants throughout all common areas to provide a soothing experience indoors with nature. Vegetation inside and out, provides a relaxing state of mind for students
-Provide spaces for students to take care of their physical well-being such as fitness centers and yoga classes.
-Provide wellness-enhancing amenities and opportunities like meditation rooms, guided meditation classes, and spaces for social interaction and connection.

Safety and Security
-Ensure your community is equipped with cameras, lights, and alarms to deter danger
-Ensure your community also has security guards where necessary to make a strong presence

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