Topcret USA + Streamline Builders, Inc.

Apply directly over tiles, stone, metal, and glass and redesign for less and choose from 40 colors and finishes!


Cost Savings
-No demo, hauling, or dumping costs

Time Savings
-Shorter installation process and construction schedule
-Topcret is waterproof and saves additional costs to your budget

Saves Disruptions to Residents
-No noisy and messy demolition intruding on your resident’s life
-Reduced timelines allow your residents to get back in their units faster

Saves the Environment
-No dumping in our landfills
-No VOC & Sustainably Certified

Saves Remediation Costs
-Cover your lead-based painted surfaces with Topcret and save on traditional remediation.

On Time, In Budget, Every Time! The Streamline Builders, Inc. difference, working for YOU!!